The Whole Backstory

 Matthew and Michele and marcella Rogers: The bio.

mattfitness1Matthew Rogers is originally from Binghamton, NY. His family moves took them outside of New York state to Connecticut and California, but they returned to their hometown again by the time he was in middle school. Having had a taste of other areas of the country, Matt knew he’d have to get out of New York.
Having many options open to him as a high SAT scorer and superb football player, he chose the path-less-chosen of a United States Marine.  During his enlistment, he was trained in the niche of Air Traffic Control. His tours took him everywhere from Pensacola, FL to Iraq (where he was among the lucky to leave with his life) to Japan to Cherry Point. While in Japan, he learned of his younger brother’s unexpected death, and was fortunate to be subsequently stationed in the US after a grieving period. A year later, when his five years in was “up”, he decided to cut his ties to the government even though a career in air traffic was a gimme.
He made a move to Philly when his first cousin Danny got on board with the change of scenery, and they moved into a house together, both with endeavors to be fitness trainers. Not at all ending up where he thought, Matt found himself commuting 30 minutes out of the city into the burbs to work for Philadelphia Sports Club…where I happened to be working at the time.



As for me, I’m a South Philadelphia native, but my parents contempt for the city in general (my dad was a PPD detective, so…..I get it) moved us into the suburbs when I was 11.MMRogers-120

After high school, I acquired the skill of locale flexibility, and bounced around a bit, from college in Baltimore, MD to grad school in Flagstaff, Arizona before returning to the Philadelphia area. I worked a few years at a cancer center, working on spreadsheets on phones under florescent lights. I become a personal trainer when the 9-5 desk gig lost it’s luster. I never looked back. There’s one risk that paid off.

It felt like a lifetime lived between 22 and meeting Matt at 28. l was living alone at the time with my two cats and walking to work every day at PSC Ardmore, where I was master trainer. I had gotten my graduate degree in Health Psychology and even had a decent Life was sublime!

Two years into my employment there, Matt walked through the door. Three months later we were dating, and two months after that, we were co-habitating. I suppose we are both passionate people who follow are hearts!

That was over 7 years ago, we have since married and procreated one FABULOUS little girl, Marcella.

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Marcella Mae, the light of our lives, the apple of our eyes, the one person we adore when we want to kill each other….well, she’s just a little nugget with a lifetime ahead of her and we want to show her that life is big, and she can do whatever she wants with it. Her backstory is somewhat limited at the time, but suffice it to say, she is ALL silly personality, unspeakable charm and crazy dancing. She is the breath for my soul and I marvel at her perfection each and every day.

Danny "D-Rog" Rogers
Danny “D-Rog” Rogers
Matt and his best friend Dave at our wedding.
Matt and his best friend Dave at our wedding.

The year 2015 came with a few hard hits. In late April, Matt learned of his childhood best friend’s untimely death at the hands of an armed man. A few months later, Matt’s cousin Danny, whom he had lived with when we met and who had also remained in Philadelphia as a trainer, lost his 2 year battle with brain cancer. These young losses were only the most recent of a long list of devastating losses in Matt’s life, including several friends, his younger brother James and another cousin, Aaron. He knew for certain he didn’t want to waste another minute of his life doing anything other than something he wanted to do with his whole heart and soul. Life is simply to fragile and uncertain. We talked seriously about making a change. My nature is open to anything, so it didn’t take much to get me on board when Matt said the Pacific Northwest was calling his name. We talked about moving there, but without seeing it all, how would we know where we’d want to go? What if we hated it and wanted to come back? Buying an RV and seeing IT ALL seemed like the obvious answer. It would require Matt quitting and me leaving my family behind in the Philadelphia area, but we felt strongly this was the right, albeit, difficult move. Plans were set into motion July 2015 and by October we had our Travel Trailer!

We can’t wait to show her the world! She’s already got a brave streak and a yearning for what’s out there. She will take to the road like a fish to water. No doubt.
Yes, she will be socialized. Yes, she will interact with other children. And YES she will be learning more than we thought possible to teach a toddler through direct experience and exposure.
Let the real livin’ begin!

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