2014-11-14 12.08.01Michele G Rogers

was born and raised in the Philadelphia, PA region, attended undergrad at Loyola College, MD and grad school at Northern Arizona University. She returned to Philadelphia where she worked at Fox Chase Cancer Center as a health educator for a few years before becoming a career personal trainer for 13 years. You might know her from her On Demand Personal Training videos. While health and fitness has always been her passions, there are many other interests she is drawn to and different skills sets she’d like to employ in the future.

Relocating to the Southwest for graduate school helped cultivate adaptability and a desire to travel. Thanks to being a mom, she has a renewed appreciation for the fragility of life and living it to its fullest!

Becoming a minimalist, however, has been a slow and steady process for her, but as it happens, it was always a natural inclination for Matt, so it eventually rubbed off! She has eagerly purged the extraneous crap from her life making room for the richness of experience to take root.

Michele is freakishly adept at cutting her own hair, is a connoisseur of wines, a master omelette-maker and could easily set up shop in a tree house in Costa Rica and dedicate her life to saving sloths.

Matthew J Rogers

is from Binghamton, NY, which claims bragging rights for the birthplace of IBM, where his father worked. After graduating high school,mattfitness3 Matt went to college at the University at Buffalo and transferred to Syracuse University. From there he enlisted with the United States Marine Corps in 2002 where he was chosen to train as an air traffic controller. He served for five years including tours in Iraq in 2004 and Okinawa, Japan before being honorably discharged, with plans to start anew in Philadelphia. After a short stint in personal training and meeting his future wife, he returned to air traffic at one of the busiest airports in the world.

After 8 years, he had his fill of controlling planes and working as a government employee and decided to start out on his own.

Matt never placed much sentimental value on possessions of any sort, but he had the most difficult time parting with his varied, albeit, organized wardrobe and would never get rid of his golf clubs or mountain bike.

He much enjoys outdoors activities such as kayaking, skiing and mountain biking, appreciates a 20-year-old scotch with a splash of water, and a good cigar. If he could, he would live by a babbling river in the mountains and spend a ten million dollar Powerball payout on the world’s biggest outdoor dog rescue.

Marcella Mae Rogers

was born October 2014 sharing her birthday week with mom. In her short life she has proven to be quick as a whip, oozing charm, style and talent (yes of course, mom wrote this). She started walking at 10 months old and dancing at 11 months.

She enjoys people watching, gymnastics, and is a sucker for Manzanilla olives. The only thing she likes more than a good beat is a good balloon. If she had her way she would spend her days in the Burley bike trailer or in her daddy’s baby-backpack watching the world go by and waving at strangers.

20131204_110453Mina the Dog

Our rescue mutt, Mina, is in her twilight years, about to turn 14 July 2016. She still loves to run, even though she’s mellowed to more of a short-distance runner, cleaning crumbs off the floor and snoozing in her crate. We hope this journey will be more fun for her than city living seemed to be.

Maddox the Apex

Our 34ft Coachmen Apex Travel Trailer has a queen bedroom at the front and a bunkhouse bedroom at the rear, perfect for Marcella’s room. Two slide outs create living space in the living room area and the bunk house. The kitchen has a double sink, and small oven, three propane powered burners and microwave. The diner style kitchen booth can turn into a sleeping area, as can the couch. The TV in the living room flips around on an axis so we can watch it in bed. The bathroom is uber tiny but has a normal toilet, small sink, vanity, medicine cabinet, a tub and shower with a skylight. The RV came equipped with an outdoor kitchen (That square at the rear of the trailer), that has a sink, fridge, cabinets, and slide-out camp grill. We removed the fridge to make more space for storage and ditched the grill when it started to fall apart. This baby has a cargo carrying capacity of 1400 lbs, so that is what our current life’s possessions amount to in weight (including food and drink).