Maiden Voyage

Maiden Voyage

I’ll keep this short.

We bought a Ram 1500. Tow capacity 11500lbs, but the tongue weight (where the trailer hitch to the back) is where we may have an issue.


We bought a Coachmen Apex travel trailer with a bunk house.


Marcella has her own room, and so do we, plus the trailer is light enough to tow with the Ram 1500 (this is where seasoned RV vets insist you should go big or go home, i.e. get the 3/4 ton pick up so there is no room for error.) The bigger trucks are that much more expensive, so we are straddling the line a bit. This is where our minimalism will be tested. They say the average full time RVer takes a half ton of stuff onto their rig. Each.

We can only afford 1,400 total between the 3 of us.

So our task of paring down our belongings isn’t just an endeavour, it’s a necessity if we are to be successful.

Since our plan is to leave in February we have only one shot to  “practice” while the weather is still amenable.

So we picked up our new home in NJ, listened to the demo as if our lives depended on it and headed down the road to Cape May, completely unsure of how to do anything at all.

We spent two days at a lovely campground after an extremely stressful start, a great deal of yelling at each other, and only average difficulties considering our newness to the game. Thank goodness we’re both quick studies. We even made a campfire, barbecued a steak, and drank a few bottles of wine.


Our biggest issue is truly learning to be a cohesive team. Matt and I often think of things very differently, and as we are both headstrong, we tend to butt those heads in the face of adversity.

Despite our attitudinal issues, we survived, and really enjoyed getting to know our rig. Marcella has a blast too. Except for falling outside and splitting her lip, which was my fault.

Below is a clip of the inside of our tiny home in total disarray with all of our crap strewn about. The only room not captured is our bedroom.

We put our baby into storage, and will spend the next few months unlearning this conventional life. The real journey ahead is within. Can we really take our family away from what we have grown used to and totally reinvent ourselves and our lives?