New Orleans: Quick and Dirty

New Orleans: Quick and Dirty

I’ll keep this brief.

We had a few lovely moments in Fountainebleau State Park, bordering the north side of Lake, on which the City of New Orleans borders. Leaving was much more memorable than arriving, but I’ll get to that later.

Our campsite was a lot farther away from downtown than we thought when we booked it, but the trip across the 24 mile bridge was definitely memorable!

We only made the trip one day since we had just Wednesday night to Saturday morning. I found out later our good friend Jenna from Philadelphia was in New Orleans the exact same day we were and we had no idea! Such a bummer!  We spent a casual afternoon walking the streets, having lunch, and working on our new business in a coffee shop. It was a bit rainy and I didn’t take many pictures unfortunately. But I did capture Cella enjoying the kitschy shops.



And we enjoyed the gorgeous view of the lake just a short walk from our campsite.


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The Time Matt Hopped a Curb and Broke the Sewage Pipes

….And we didn’t know until we arrived at our first destination.

The day we left the New Orleans area was far from ideal. The water stopped working on the entire campground (they shut off the water for a repair and neglected to inform anyone).

They said repeatedly that it would be on within an hour, but it ultimately didn’t function again until 2 1/2 hours after our first phone call. This put us behind schedule quite a bit, since we couldn’t dump the tanks without clean water. Or shower. Or wash our hands. Et cetera.

So we more than a little annoyed but rolled with it. In the end, it wasn’t too bad since Cella passed out until we got to the Cracker Barrel. But 10 minutes into our trip, we had to stop for gas. We try to fill the truck up when it’s not hooked up to the trailer since it’s 1000 times easier, but this time we didn’t. On the way out of the parking lot, Matt couldn’t make the turn wide enough to clear the curb. We knew we went up on it, since we felt ourselves crash down, but from my perspective it didn’t feel too bad.

Matt’s immediate reaction was, “Uh oh. I gotta pull over. I gotta check the back.” I assured him all was FIIiiiiiine.

It was probably for the best we didn’t pull over. There was nothing that could be done.

By the time we rolled into the Cracker Barrel just outside of Houston, I had forgotten all about our debacle. Matt didn’t. This is what he saw.

Sewage Pipe Gone
Sewage Pipe Gone


It’s hard to see what’s missing from the picture, but you CAN see what is spewing out onto the ground (sorry Cracker Barrel!)

The next morning we called several RV service centers to see if we could be fit in for a repair. Wasn’t gonna happen. So I gave Matt the thumbs up to attempt the repair himself. We made it to a supply store with VERY nice and helpful sales staff. One gentleman assessed the situation and walked Matt through what he had to do to fix it. (And it wasn’t exactly what Matt thought it would be, so thank God for small miracles.) All in all, we lost 2 hours and $60. Not too shabby. Coulda been worse.

We had another 4 hour stint ahead of us to get to our Northern Austin campsite, and we both were looking forward to setting up shop for 2 weeks to dive into our new business without the silly distractions of beaches and State Parks. The Kampgrounds of America have many sites through out the US, all of which have nice amenities like pools, Wi-Fi and laundry facilities (I never thought I’d be more stoked about the latter two than anything), but little else in the ways of ambiance. It’s ok, since Austin is a short drive from our KOA, and we have heard nothing but wonderful things about it. We will make sure to make time for site-seeing and nature immersion where appropriate!